High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Readings Chart

Blood Pressure Readings Chart
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High Blood Pressure Readings Chart- Hey Everyone I am going to aware you about the high blood pressure readings and high blood pressure charts, here you will  get some useful knowledge about high blood pressure disease.

The two main things that helps to determine the blood pressure:-



-Systolic means higher points of Blood Pressure which helps to measures the pressure of your blood vessels when your heart beats.

-Diastolic means lower points of Blood Pressure which helps to measure the pressure of blood vessels only.

Blood Pressure and Heart Beats are also two important things which creates confusion.But there is a slight difference in between them.Blood Pressure is that which changes according to the movement of body like by changing postures,doing exercise,stress sleep etc.Heart Beat is recorded by a single ripple(pulsation) of the heart pumping.

High Blood Pressure Readings

The correct monitored Blood Pressure is 120/80 mm Hg here mm Hg means millimeter of mercury this is a scientific unit which uses in medical science or meteorology.If your Blood Pressure remains nearby to this then it is good or if your blood pressure gets abnormal like 160/119, 148/111 etc.(which is more or less than 120/80) then this is not the thing to be depress, as above it is written that blood pressure changes according to the motions so if we have done any hard work then its normal to have blood pressure, if that abnormal blood pressure remains constant then its a thing to think about.If this problem is coming for all times then this is not good for your health so at that you just reach to your nearest hospital as soon as you could be.

Systolic Blood Pressure is more important then to Diastolic Blood Pressure.Systolic Blood Pressure rises with the age due to rigidity of arteries ,build up of plaque and enlarged extent of cardiac and vascular disease.

Fact:- In the South East Asia there is nearly 15 Lakhs (1.5 Billion) people dies every year by Blood Pressure only.

The main cause of these deaths are our bad habits almost like Smoking, Higher Salt in food, More Consumption of Alcohol etc. Smoking cause high blood pressure as it narrows the arteries and harden the wall of arteries, it may also create blood clots.

High Blood Pressure Chart

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Generally there are three or four readings of Blood Pressure

There is mainly High, Low and Medium Blood pressure.Higher Blood pressure is what that is higher then normal it may be 160/120 or it may be 180/120 etc. Low Blood Pressure is what which is lower then 120/80 it may be 100/75 or it may be 90/60.Medium Blood Pressure is the another name of Normal blood pressure. According to this chart there is four categories in the very First stage it is showing to the normal blood pressure(medium blood pressure) as we all know that 120/80 is the normal blood pressure for every people.

Second stage is Prehypertension stage in this blood pressure is becoming slight higher then normal as it is last consider as 129/89 in this stage a person has not to worry much about it.This is only a alert that your blood pressure is hiking. It can be cure very easily but this remains constant for a long time then more care your body is needed.

Third stage is the first stage of high blood pressure (High B.P. Stage1).This stage arises when you haven’t take care of you body while you have Prehypertension 159/99 is the last considered reading of this stage.As this caused by carelessness many times if this wouldn’t be diagnosed earlier then this can cause so many critical disease like Kidney Failure,Heart Stroke etc. So this stage is very remarkable stage because from here body is going into a dangerous stage.

Fourth Stage is the second stage of High Blood Pressure stage(High B.P. Stag 2).This stage is very critical and alarming stage for your health.If someone’s Blood pressure is higher then 160/100 then it means you have high blood pressure it gets increase because you haven’t take care while you have slight high blood pressure.This stage of blood pressure will cause so many diseases which you have never listen before.

If high blood pressure is not being take care of than this would cause so many disease:-

1. Heart Attack or Stroke: –

Heart Attack occurs when any part of heart is blocked or blood than flows into that part of heart. Heart usually blocked by the blood clot in blood vessels. Heart Attack and Heart Stroke both are different terms. Heart stoke is related to Brain. Stroke is what which cut off the continuous blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Heart stroke happens when proper nutrients and oxygen not reach to the brain.

There are three main kind of strokes:-


1. Ischemic Stroke:-

When the arteries those are connected with brain gets blocked. This stroke is also caused by blood clots. Blood clots can cause fatty deposits in plaque..

2. Hemorrhagic Stroke:-

This type of stroke is caused by the leakage of blood or bursting of nerves in the brain. In this high blood pressure damage the brain cells. Blood Vessels can burst the blood in the middle of the brain, or it can send the blood in between the skull and brain.

3. Transient Ischemic Stroke:-

This type of stroke is most common stroke in all strokes. This strokes happened when the part of an artery wall weakens or it allows broadening its size abnormally. Transient Stroke is that stroke in which the blood flow gets disturb for the short time of gap. This is similar from above stroke because this is also caused by Clots. If once you have experience this stroke than this is an alert for future means if you once have experience this than you can also meet with this stroke in future.

2. Aneurysm: –

than this disease is known as Aneurysm. Aneurysm can be occur in any blood vessel. In the weakest point of the blood vessel blood pressure makes or builds up a balloon there. Swelling that may happen by this would be quite large or it may be quite small. Aneurysm can be occur in any part of the body as it is blood vessel related disease. This disease is mostly seen in the large trunk artery that carries from the left vertical of heart to branch arteries. This disease can also b occur with an injury or sometimes a person also born with this disease.

There are almost five types of Aneurysm but two of them are more important that are:-

a) Aortic Aneurysm

b) Cerebral Aneurysm

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