High Blood Pressure

Causes Of High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Causes Of High Blood Pressure
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Causes of High Blood Pressure :

There are so many things that cause sudden high blood pressure even sometime we aware about that  why high blood pressure is caused or sometimes we don’t what are the causes of high blood pressure that how high blood pressure has happened? High Blood pressure disease is very dangerous as it makes the heart harder to pump the blood from the body and it also toughen the arteries.
Firstly we should know that what is high blood pressure. In this chart the different stages of blood pressure is shown.high blood pressure reading by age,high blood pressure reading what to do,,high blood pressure reading example,high blood pressure reading chart

High Blood pressure is happens when your high blood sugar is low, sugar gets low in the body when body don’t get enough insulin. The above chart is showing different stages of increasing or decreasing of high blood pressure by this you can identified that on which stage you are in.

The main Causes Of High Blood Pressure

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  1. Smoking:
    In every six seconds, someone in the world dies from smoking .A person is more prone to high blood pressure or heart related disease if he/she is regular smoker. Nicotine is the main problem in the Cigarette Smoking. Nicotine increase the blood pressure and heart rate or it also broaden the arteries and toughen their walls, because of this our blood can be a clot easily. Heart Stroke is more likely to happen by this. Nicotine is an addictive drug. If once you have start taking this than your brain start demanding it again and again. If one take it regularly than this would create so many changes in that person. Addictive Drugs can cause so many health problems. If one gets too much addiction of drugs then he/she can’t live without it. They will demand it again and again till their quench of drugs can’t douse. The addiction of Drugs are too much dangerous no one can break it easily. Nicotine is available in so many products like:- Chewing Gum, Nasal Sprays, Inhalers, Cigarettes etc.
    If a person take a cigarette then his/her body responds instantly as he/she can feel short increase in blood pressure, heart rate and flow of blood etc. Nicotine contains Carbon monoxide and it cut the amount of oxygen that is flowing in the blood. Smoking also increase the fatty acids and or so many hormones in the blood.If you are trying to break the nicotine addiction than you may feel these such things:-a) Irritation:-
    Break Out of nicotine makes a person irritate or he/she can’t focus on any work then.
    b) Hostility:-
    If you will say anyone to leave this bad addiction than he/she will think that you are his/her first enemy because their best friends are these drugs now.
    c) Depressed Mood:-
    That person may think that he/she is out of this world after leaving of drugs. They also thinks that no one is here to care about me. They always stays in depressed mood.

If anyone wants to change his/her habit of Smoking then he/she can do this very easily by following these steps:-

  1. First he/she must make a target to quit smoking by any date. He/she also consult with their doctor once before quitting the smoke.
  2. He/she must be aware about the worse effects of Smoking or if they quit smoking than what new they will get.
  3. Change your surroundings. These bad habits mostly we get by our bad surrounding. Healthy and happier environment/surroundings will help in change your mind and mood.
  4. If you want to take drug now too because you had addiction of it so you can chew the gums to forget to take the drugs.
  5. At last you must be change your mindset and thinking, this will change everything in you…
  1. No Exercise:

Exercise not only means that you should do gym, weight lifting etc. You can also do it at your home very easily. Exercise is only a physical activity which helps your body to be fit. Exercise not only helps in controlling blood pressure it has a lot of benefits like it manage our weight, improve your heart, make your body fit.

The reasons why people don’t do exercise:

  1. Laziness
    2.No Time
    3.No Awareness

Because of these three things people don’t want to do exercise. Some of our friends want to do exercise but they don’t have enough time for this or some of our friends show laziness before doing exercise and physical exercise. If you say that you have no time for exercise than you are wrong because exercise don’t take much time.
There are a lot of risks if you don’t do exercise regularly. If you are inactive in doing exercise than this would develop so many health problems in you .If you want to stay fit than do regular exercise. If you think that you have no time for doing exercise than start with small things like:- start walking to reach to your destination do it for at least 20-30 minutes a day. Lack of exercise can increase the risk of heart attacks/ strokes, high blood pressure etc.
Health Benefits of Exercise:-
1. This makes you happy and you mood will also get change after doing it.
2. You can safe yourself from various diseases.
3. You will more active than before after exercising.

  1. Intake of high salt in food:
    Intake of high salt in food gradually increases in your blood pressure. According to a study it was noted that a person who takes high salt in his food so this can develop high blood pressure in him by 23-25% in just 3 years of gap. Salt is good medicine for low blood pressure patient but it doesn’t means that he/she should take high amount of salt.Salt contains sodium, if you take more salt than this will automatically increase your sodium and high amount of sodium will reduce the ability of removing water from the kidneys.
    In a Research the amount of sodium in person was recorded. It was checked by the amount of sodium in Urine. The least consumption of sodium was 2900 mg approx a day and highest consumption was 5700 mg approx a day. It is recommended that a person should take 1000 mg of Sodium per day but the consumption of sodium in Americans is approx to 3500 mg of sodium a day. The main of taking high sodium in Americans is processed food because in processed food there is too much quantity of salt.
    More consumption salt may damage the arteries of brain by first this will stop the reach of blood flow to the brain and this will leads to “Dementia”. May be your brain stops working because it is not getting that amount of blood oxygen that it must be needed to do work well.4. Consumption of Alcohol:
    Drinking of alcohol will raise your blood pressure and this would be raised at very alarming level. If someone will take three drinks at one time than this will increase his/her blood pressure for a short period of time but more than 3 drinks will increase in his/her blood pressure for a long period of time.
    If someone starts cutting it drinks than his/her blood pressure gets decrease. She/he can record decrements in blood pressure by 2 to 4 mmHg in Systolic blood pressure and 1 to 2 mmHg in Diastolic Blood pressure. Alcohol will also increase your weight as it contains calories. Increasing of weight will automatically increase your blood pressure.If this article help you in gaining what do you want to know than share it with your friends to also let them know about this or if you have any suggestion or query than comment us here we would like to answer your question. Thanks



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